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cranberries- ode to my family

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Lento - Schnittke, Shostakovich / Lubimov, Keller Quartet

Lento - Schnittke, Shostakovich / Lubimov, Keller Quartet


1 Альфред Шнитке (Alfred Schnittke) - Klavierquintett: I. Moderato 6:50

2 Альфред Шнитке (Alfred Schnittke) - II: In Tempo Di Valse 5:32

3 Альфред Шнитке (Alfred Schnittke) - III. Andante 6:10

4 Альфред Шнитке (Alfred Schnittke) - IV. Lento 4:54

5 Альфред Шнитке (Alfred Schnittke) - V. Moderato Pastorale 4:31

6 Дмитрий Шостакович (Dmitri Shostakovich) - Streichquartett Nr. 15, Op. 144: I. Elegie 11:56

7 Дмитрий Шостакович (Dmitri Shostakovich) - II. Serenade 6:19

8 Дмитрий Шостакович (Dmitri Shostakovich) - III. Intermezzo 1:49

9 Дмитрий Шостакович (Dmitri Shostakovich) - IV. Nocturne 5:05

10 Дмитрий Шостакович (Dmitri Shostakovich) - V. Trauermarsch 5:04

11 Дмитрий Шостакович (Dmitri Shostakovich) - VI. Epilog 6:52

terem kvartet-1000th live concert 1994

terem kvartet-1000th live concert 1994
01. Oginskiy Polonese (I.Ponomarenko)(5:01)
02. Winter Morning (I.Ponomarenko)(4:33)
03. Spring Day (4:46)
04. Summer Evening (5:18)
05. Autumnal Night (6:47)
06. Fur Elise (L.Beethoven) (5:01)
07. Funeral March (I.Ponomarenko)(10:17)
08. Conerto Grosso G-Moll (N.Budashkin) (4:05)
09. Orphan's Waltz (I.Ponomarenko) (6:06)
10. Chardash (Monti) (4:17)
11. Padespan (A.Tsigankov) (4:17)
12. Korobeiniki (Russian traditional) (4:02)

Location: Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Genre: Folk-jazz, Russian Folk, Balalaika, Accordion

the life of tree- terrence malick

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Hair 20th Anniversary Edition

Hair 20th Anniversary Edition

leo dan

leo dan

One of the more important and famous singer/songwriters in the Spanish-speaking world, Leo Dan was born Leopoldo Dante Tevez on March 22, 1942, in a small town in Argentina. At a young age he began to learn how to play the flute, harmonica, and guitar, and a few years later he was composing his own songs. In 1963 Dan moved to the capital, Buenos Aires, where he signed with CBS and released his first song, "Celia." Dan spent the next decade and a half in Spain and then Mexico, continuing to write and record music, including "Siempe Estoy Pensando en Ella," "Pareles una Nena," and "Esa Pared." In 1980 he returned to his homeland, where he briefly became involved in politics, made four films, wrote a book, and continued writing and recording music. His songs have been covered by numerous artists, including Marisela and Leonardo Favio, and have been translated into various languages.

Mehmet Celebi ASIK

can gox-haydar haydar

can gox&gulce duru- my woman

grup merdiven

volkan konak- belalim


cingi and nilufer

cingi den queen yorumu