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jesse manno-opium

jesse manno-opium

Composer and multi-instrumentalist Jesse Manno was born into a performing arts family in New York City in 1966 and grew up in New York and Colorado. He received his first commission in 1982 and has since created over eighty original scores for dance, theatre, film and multimedia productions, including twenty evening length pieces. His work has been supported by Meet The Composer, Inc. (a division of the NEA), KRMA Denver PBS TV, The National Guild of Organists, Montgomery Watson Inc., Bates Dance Festival, and the Colorado Shakespeare Festival, among others, and has been presented all across the USA, as well as in Holland, Germany, Switzerland, the U.K.,Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Saudi Arabia.

01-Gole Sangam (7:51)
02-Ruske Le Mome (6:18)
03-Huzam Kamelieriko (8:04)
04-Yianni Mou To (7:45)
05-Sokol Mi Leta (3:40)
06-Geldim Bir Kara Tasha (6:07)
07-Alf Leyla Wa Leyla (8:28)

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